Magic the Gathering Throne of Eldraine: Pre-Release, Saturday Event 4 - 2HG

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Looks like this event is full, you can always call to see if any space has freed up on 0115 922 9880!

For the Throne of Eldraine Pre Release and as always, we'll be running 6 pre-release events however this time we are allowed to run on Friday! through to close on Sunday. Prime times sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend booking a place as soon as you are able.

You need to buy your ticket up front to secure your space - as we expect these events to sell out. 


Pre-releases are your first chance to crack open packs and play with the Throne of Eldraine latest cards.

Everything you need to take part is provided in-store you simply show up and play!


Team Sealed Deck event.

In Two-Headed Giant sealed, you want to aim to build a pair of decks that function as a single well-oiled machine or work particularly well together.

Minimum 40-card deck each using the contents of 2 themed Pre-release Packs.

After you build your decks, you'll be randomly paired with another team for a best of one match. Each round you'll report who won and be paired up with a new team in Swiss format.

Flat Prize Pool: for this event prizes will be split evenly over participants enrolled meaning EVERYONE will receive TWO Throne of Eldraine boosters!



Magic: The Gathering pre-release weekends here at Chimera are a huge deal - we love running them, and want to make them bigger and better for every set that's thrown our way.

Entry: £50 




28 Sep 2019 17:00

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